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The Women's Board of Pittsburgh is comprised of up to 50 Active Members and many Associate Members. We meet monthly from September through May to plan the yearly benefit.


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Since its founding in 1991, The Women's Board of Pittsburgh has been presenting an annual fundraiser that supports a different non-profit organization each year. The selected beneficiary is one whose primary mission is to promote the welfare and development of children in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  Each year the event is held in January, generally at the Fox Chapel Golf Club. It features a prominent Chef demonstration, informal modeling, luncheon, and many opportunities for guests to win prizes. All proceeds  from ticket sales, raffles, and auctions are awarded to the beneficiary.
To date, over $500,000 has been donated to worthy programs benefiting Pittsburgh's children in need. The Women's Board of Pittsburgh is a 501 (c) (3) corporation. Below are photos from the founding meeting of The Women's Board of Pittsburgh, August 1991. Some of the Charter Members pictured below that are still Members include Linda Kirk, Pat Slater, Jean Blanc, Judi Collins, Bonnie Morris, Dyane Person,  DJ Hammerschmidtt, Betsy Roughen, and Elizabeth Hobbs.


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On behalf of The Sharpsburg Library, our 2017 Beneficiary, we wish to recognize and thank our event sponsors

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Bebe Adams - Linda Ban - Janice Barrington - Dotti Bechtol 
  Jean Blanc - Jan Boni - Ann Boyd - Susan Boyle - Mary Boyle - Janet Bronder - Nancy Brownell 
 Debbie Burke - Carrie Casey - Judi Collins - Susan Crittenden - Fredrica Cryan 
    Elizabeth Davis - Laura Dawson - Mary DeRubeis - Michelle Domeisen 
Candace Eisengart -  Sage Eisengart - Andrea Fako - Christine Ferguson - Mary Lee Gannon  
 Susan Glotfelty - Gretchen Gockley -  Judy Goehring - Kimberly Gordon   
 D.J. Hammerschmidt - Elizabeth Hobbs - Judy Horgan - Sara Horsman - Sandra Howard 
Jean Jacobs - Penny Jacobs - Kris Kann - Linda Kirk - Judy Leininger -  Paula Lockhart 
Terri Logan - Jean McCague -  Sandy McInerny - Ginny Merchant 
 Sandy Mordoh - Laurin Moore - Bonnie Morris -  Carol Moyer - Loraine Murphey 
Becky O'Connor -  Dyane Person - Louise Person - Connie Phillips - Annie Rivers 
Betsy Roughen -  Bina Sandhu - Gracia Sheptak - Ellen Shields - Joan Sieber  - Pat Slater  
Mary Beth Smith - Carol Squires - Kathy Sutcliffe - Missy Tambellini - Linda Thier 

Lynn Thompson - Nicki Ubinger - Kathy Wiley - Sandy Woncheck